Serpent LS504 Tactical LED Aluminum Flashlight

Special Features :

Dry cell, 100%, 30%,10% intensity , Strobe and SOSfunction, Water resistant

LED : High Power LED, up to 110 lumens

Lamp Life : Up to 100,000 hours

Battery : 1 * AA Dry Cell (Battery not ncluded)

Runtime : 1.5hr(100% intensity), 5hrs(30% intensity), 20hrs(10% intensity)

Certificate : Compliance with CE Certificate

Limited Warranty : 3 years (not for OEM Orders)

Colour : Matt black

Length : 113mm

Weight :  w/ Battery – 93g, w/o Battery – 70g

Packing : Brown Fold Box

EAN: 4897005957721

Five Bullet Point:

  • Easy to control: The flashlight has 5 modes, including 100%/30%/10% luminosity, SOS and flash, etc. You can choose the appropriate mode according to your needs.
  • Every Day Carry: The torch is very light and easy to store. It is very suitable to be carried around and can be used at any time.
  • High-quality materials: The flashlights are made of high-quality aluminum. Moreover, a well-designed circuit board is used to maximize the light effect of High power LED.
  • Dry battery: The torch uses AA dry battery, which is easy to carry and purchase.
  • Outdoor, maintenance or police use: Due to its light weight, it is very suitable for outdoor, maintenance or search purposes.